‘Challenge 55’ Save the Māui Dolphins


Hello everyone! This is a bit of a different tune for the BR blog but, it is very important that we have the conversation. I recently learned that the world’s smallest and cutest dolphin, the Māui dolphin, is close to permanent extinction…. This is heart breaking! Scientists estimate that there are just 55 Māui dolphins left alive so, it’s crucial that we all act together to save them. I created my own challenge 55 page on the WWF website. Any donation that you make to my fundraising page will go directly to WWF-New Zealand’s Māui dolphin campaign.

Katie’s Page: https://challenge55.everydayhero.com/nz/katie

more on the movement http://www.wwf.org.nz/maui_dolphin/

I have decided to create 55 unique ‘Māui dolphin’ inspired pieces of artwork for my 55 challenge. Follow my journey through the hashtag ‪#‎challenge55‬ and on Instagram at katieruiz94. Anything you can donate for these adorable little dolphins helps! Or start your own challenge 55! 🙂 Spread the word! There are only 55 left in existence and we should do what we can to save them. 🙂 Come on BR family!! Let’s make a difference together. ❤

Even just sharing this post helps Love you all

Click the follow button, on your right, to see what happens next xoxo. -Kate

Twitter: @katieruiz94 | Instagram: katieruiz94


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