I Lost My Job…

I never thought this would be the post I wrote after my bridal shower post…. But I guess life works that way huh? I received this text Sunday night after my bridal shower. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out.. I mean Edward makes good money but… we need my paycheck… finding another design job doesn’t happen quickly. I am not sure why my work didn’t think about telling us earlier that we may be losing our jobs? I mean… you don’t just close a store without knowing months in advance.. talk about selfish..

Sunday night was all crying. I was embarrassed. I know it wasn’t my fault that I was laid off.. But I didn’t/don’t want to tell anyone. Edward promised me we will be ok. He now will be traveling a lot more for work because of this… Needless to say Monday morning was awkward as fuck. Edward came with me. My ex-boss seemed really nervous to face me. I was shaking from nervousness/embarrassment/loss/fear/anger. I cleared my desk into a hamper I had gotten 2 days earlier at my bridal shower. I’ve never lost a job before.. How do I collect un-employment? How is this going to workout? So many questions… I know I have to trust God.

This is day 03 of my un-employment and I am feeling so lost. Why is it 11am and I am doing nothing. “How many times do I apply to the same job postings? Is it wrong if I nap?” “…. why do I feel like I am going to work tomorrow?… Shit… we need that money.”

What you guys don’t know is that 2.5 weeks ago I had interviewed at a prestigious design company in the high end district of my city. I didn’t want to say anything because I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out. I especially wasn’t going to say anything because it had been 2.5 weeks and I hadn’t heard anything back from them yet. Which, was strange because I felt like I totally nailed the interview…. Well, Monday Edward had me call the man who interviewed me. When the secretary answered she informed me….

“Oh, this is Jay’s first day back. He has been gone for a couple weeks. Jay’s appendix exploded and he had an emergency surgery in order to remove his gallbladder. He told me he will call you back.”…………………………………………….. And just like that… I had hope again. I mean wow…. typical Katie novela-like drama…. hahaha this poor guy had emergency surgery. This whole time I thought I hadn’t gotten this job.

It’s Wednesday now at 2am. I am PRAYING I hear from him today. I am sure he has piles of work to address before he calls me. However, I need him to call me soon. If 2 more weeks go by… I might be crawling back to my old newspaper job… and perhaps working retail again. Pray for me BR family. I love you guys…

Life is a series of questions… Our answers to those questions is what determines the path our future takes. I have this strange sense of freedom. What will happen next?

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What I am listening to… warning it’s a little depressing 😉

6 Replies to “I Lost My Job…”

  1. I am so sorry to hear this! I know you’re going through a tough time but don’t worry I am confident that there are better things in store for you! Wishing you the best!

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  2. Hey Katie. I was in your boat this time last year. First step is applying for unemployment and that’s online and if you write me on fb messenger I can track it down for you. You basically apply and have to apply for four jobs a week in order to obtain a paycheck. When you don’t put pressure on yourself with the job apps- it becomes a whole lot less stressful. Take a week or two to breathe. Cry. Stomp your feet. Throw a pity party, just don’t unpack and live there. But there is nothing wrong with feeling. I was flat out depressed and stressed when I was laid off. I had lived in my apartment for a couple weeks and had to turn tail and run home.

    I literally laid on the couch and sobbed. I don’t cry in front of people- and there wasn’t anything I could do. Yes. It’s okay to nap. But make sure you get up every day, shower, put makeup on or get ready, and then give yourself a time where it’s okay to go back in your pajamas. Because living in pajamas makes you depressed. Go to the beach. See your friends. Isolation will be another enemy of yours. Don’t let it isolate you.

    Call that other job at the end of the week. If they don’t have an answer wait another week and call again. Make sure they remember you. Suggest your ability to be reinterviewed, suggest references or another copy of your profile/ resume if need be. You are selling yourself so you need to make sure they know you are worth buying. Tenacity.

    Don’t be embarrassed. It’s hard to not feel like this is your fault but it’s not. There are friends of yours who just went through the same thing (like me) and it really messes with your confidence. But don’t worry. It makes you stronger. A learning block.

    I have to sit and reevaluate my life at a constant. I have to go step by step all the ish I have been through and go “wow. I did a lot.” Especially when I feel like I’m failing. (Which is often) and you know what? Go through your steps and you will realize how successful you actually are. Best wishes!

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    1. Your awesome 🙂 thanks Alex it really means a lot. You totally get how I am feeling right now. I’ve been in gross pjs all week!!! And stressing about applying hahaha…. Maybe I should go to the beach.


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