Unemployed: Week 2


Well, unemployment has definitely been strange. Especially last week. Edward had gone to Virgina again for work so I stayed at the house all week with my parakeet. It was so quiet… I was really wanting to write to you guys but, I didn’t really know what to say. Haha, who would have thought not having a job would affect me so much. I realized that I have been working non-stop since I was 16 years old. Maybe I was letting my jobs define me too much? Edward keeps telling me to stop worrying about not having a job so much. He says to try my hardest at getting a new one but, then to focus on myself! I have been trying to listen to him (He is the best, most handsome, most smartestest guy ever.) So, I have been working out more then ever…. I feel so much stronger… so rested…. so different.


IMG_7702An online mentor Edward and I subscribe to on Youtube gave me some advice… and I have really taken it to heart. Chris Do is literally my hero and he is SO SUCCESSFUL in graphic design. I really hope that this will be a turning point in my life. For some people getting laid off is “the best thing to ever happen to them.”

We have been fine financially so far! Almost doing better now then when I had a job… weirdly enough. I guess that tells you I ate out too much haha… Now a-days I mostly stay inside, cook what’s in the house, apply to as many jobs as I can (even retail ones :/ ), play video games, update my resume/business card, draw, eat toaster waffles, try to stay inspired, workout (yes… I broke a set of dumbells hahaha) and fuddle around the house. Hope you enjoy this snapshot of my life. 🙂 Love you guys xoxo. I will also be posting a DIY post later<3


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