Bridesmaids Night


Last Saturday I hosted a bridesmaids night at my house! It was not the bachelorette party. Saturday was just a great opportunity for us to all work together on the wedding favors and to bond with one another. It was so awesome to have the girls in one room again! We drank wine, laughed, and finished filling the wedding favors with candy. I love my friends and family so much I can hardly describe. We always have a good time together.

Can you all believe it’s basically September? I am getting married in 1 month and 22 days! I can’t wait till it is all over and done with. Between dress fittings, managing lists, spending money, and chasing down wedding guests… I have frankly had enough hahah. It was so much fun at first…. It is just getting really old. When Edward and I are married I will finally have more time to focus on my health again! We will both just be able to finally adjust to a normal lifestyle. It may sound weird… but I wish I was attending my wedding as a guest hahaha. I feel like it is going to be so much fun for the guests! I hope it is! 🙂 I am afraid that the day will go by so fast for me that I won’t have absorbed every moment properly. We will see!

The bachelorette party is scheduled for September 24th 🙂 I can’t wait!! It is going to be so much fun. I will of course relay every detail to you guys ❤

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