My New Job


Hey guys! Long time no talk! Man, I am sorry to have neglected you all for so long. I really needed a break to gather my plans and thoughts in silence. This long period of joblessness has created a huge sense of urgency in our lives. With the wedding coming up so quickly we were really starting to panic. Well, luckily I hunkered down and spent every waking moment trying to find another job.  With a little prayer, hard work, and faith I landed something really wonderful! 🙂

I am officially a photo booth graphic designer. I mean how random is that haha? This job is really so cool. These booths are in museums, malls, aquariums, urban outfitters, and even Disney! I bet you have even taken some photos in one designed by this company. 🙂 I am so excited to begin work September 12th!!!

**My booth design shown above**

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