The Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was my Bachelorette Party!! It was so much fun!! I really feel like the bridesmaids have bonded well with each other. I am so glad everyone was able to come and have a good time. 🙂 We went to eat at a fancy restaurant first. Then we went to the Maid of honor’s house for cake and awkward sexy gifts. After that we went to Nightmare New England horror park.

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The Good, The Best, & The Better


Things maybe have been a little crazy because of all thats gone on. But I don’t want you guys to miss out on ANYTHING. 🙂 So even though I haven’t be writing as frequently, as I would like, I have been taking lots of photos to keep you up to date. So here is a photo archive of the last few months. Love you guys 🙂

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1 Month Until The Wedding


Hey guys! Man, things are really starting to ramp up for the wedding! We are going to construct the dummy cake, pew bows, and wedding gifts this Sunday. Thats going to be an adventure haha. (PS I will do an entire post on how I make our dummy wedding cake.) It should come out looking really cool if we take our time on it.

I wish I could explain to you guys how nuts shit has been since I had lost my job in July…. Between July and September we have had the car break down, the same car pass NH inspection by the skin of its teeth, Edward’s work slow down, lost ANOTHER groomsman, gained another NEW groomsman, dealt with an elusive caterer, Edward snapping his phone while trying to save us money by fixing the car by himself, anddd thats just a small picture of whats been going on haha.

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The Little People of Fort McDowell Reservation 

Hey, guys! So, some of you may not know this but I am obsessed with all things paranormal and spooky! Hahaha so since it is officially September 1st and we are basically in the best season of all seasons ….. Fall!! …. I thought we could start it off right with a spooky Halloween story. 🎃🎃🎃

Another thing you guys might not know is that Edward spent part of his childhood living on Fort McDowell reservation in AZ. He has so many spooky stories of strange things happening there! Encounters with the hoof man, skin walkers, witch doctors, and ghostly apparitions. These stories are 100% true. Sometimes, as humans, we try to label the things we see. It is hard to know exactly what was seen on each occasion…. However, we do know that strange things were/are going on in that desert. This particular story is about”The Little People.” Enjoy 😊

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