1 Month Until The Wedding


Hey guys! Man, things are really starting to ramp up for the wedding! We are going to construct the dummy cake, pew bows, and wedding gifts this Sunday. Thats going to be an adventure haha. (PS I will do an entire post on how I make our dummy wedding cake.) It should come out looking really cool if we take our time on it.

I wish I could explain to you guys how nuts shit has been since I had lost my job in July…. Between July and September we have had the car break down, the same car pass NH inspection by the skin of its teeth, Edward’s work slow down, lost ANOTHER groomsman, gained another NEW groomsman, dealt with an elusive caterer, Edward snapping his phone while trying to save us money by fixing the car by himself, anddd thats just a small picture of whats been going on haha.

Luckily, I have a new job! But it would be really nice to see my paycheck right about now. I started September 12th and my first paycheck doesn’t come until September 30th. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL lolololol. I need to buy gifts for my wedding party. Not to mention I can’t gain a single pound till after the wedding because of my dress. Things are going to be ok though. Everything is working itself out. In life you can choose to stress about things you can’t change or you can roll with the punches. Well, I am not only going to roll with the punches. I am going to have fun doing it. 🙂

This coming Saturday is my bachelorette party. My maid of honor has worked really hard to plan for it and I know its going to be so much fun. I really cannot wait for Saturday. I will be sure to take a lot of photos for you guys. 😉


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