The Good, The Best, & The Better


Things maybe have been a little crazy because of all thats gone on. But I don’t want you guys to miss out on ANYTHING. 🙂 So even though I haven’t be writing as frequently, as I would like, I have been taking lots of photos to keep you up to date. So here is a photo archive of the last few months. Love you guys 🙂

This is a photo from the top of Loon Mountain. Edward and I really just needed to get away for a day, before it starts to be too cold in NH. We still have a few good months for the mountains but, we are probably going to be too caught up in the wedding to be able to travel up north. We had taken the Loon Mt gondola’s up to the top of the mountain. I was SO motion sick after that ride haha. You are basically moving 25mph, swinging around, and going up super high. It was super fun! But I prefer hiking myself.

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The Next photo (below) is poor Edward fixing the door handle for the santa fe himself. He did fix the handle but unfortunately he crunched his phone in the door! Poor guy is using a super old phone until we can afford to get him a new one.


This is a photo of my brand new desk at work! I have never had a desk like this before. Working on a mac at work is a completely new concept for me haha. All the hotkeys in Adobe are so different, but everything is so much faster and prettier. I have been getting along with the girls I work with very well. It’s awesome to be working with people my age.


This is my mom and I trying our hardest to plan the seats for the wedding reception haha. We are both visual people and this was the best way to figure it out for us. I love her. She is so selfless.


This is one of my beautiful bridesmaids. I was so luck to be nearby while she was getting her dress fitted. I am in love with her gown. It is all lace and translates perfectly to the plum color we chose. I am a big believer in letting the bridesmaids choose their own style of gown. Every woman has a different shape. I would never want to stump their personalities by making them all look the same.








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