The Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was my Bachelorette Party!! It was so much fun!! I really feel like the bridesmaids have bonded well with each other. I am so glad everyone was able to come and have a good time. 🙂 We went to eat at a fancy restaurant first. Then we went to the Maid of honor’s house for cake and awkward sexy gifts. After that we went to Nightmare New England horror park.

I am so thankful for my maid of honor *pictured cutting cake* for throwing such an awesome party. Life has been really crazy for her lately. With teaching dance, being a wife/mom, and dealing with a pretty huge change coming to her personal life. Luckily she had her husbands help haha. He baked us 2 chocolate penis shaped cakes!

What is blowing my mind is….. that the next time all the bridesmaids are together in the same room….. it will be my wedding day!!

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