DIY Fake Wedding Cake


We played a big trick on our wedding guest haha. Our wedding cake was fake! It was a home made dummy cake! 🙂 Our caterer included a layer cake into our dinner package. So we decided to make the affordable “wedding cake” of our dreams. For picture’s sake of course. My mother and I had been researching this for months. Watching numerous youtube videos and having mini anxiety attacks about attempting this. We are both artists and recreating things doesn’t usually scare us… but this was a little different. We would be using almost 100% bakers materials. We are not cake bakers by any means. BUT! Together we fear nothing.

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DIY Gold Dipped Bridesmaid’s Necklaces

IMG_7211 (1)

These are the necklaces I made for my Bridesmaids! Each girl was given a special hand picked stone or crystal pendant. If you know anything about me… you will know that I LOVE creating beautiful things. SO, I had to think really creatively when it came to my bridesmaid’s gifts. When I searched on Pinterest for ‘bridesmaids gifts’ all I was seeing was a bunch of useless things that said “Bridesmaid” on them (mugs, robes, wine glasses). To me, these things would never be cherished and just screamed, “You’re all the same to me.’ ‘Your personalities aren’t why I wanted you in my wedding!”

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We spent our honeymoon locally. It was such a good Idea that we did! We kinda decided we would rather spend our money on day trips and furniture than on dingy old hotel rooms. 🙂 So we went home and made day trips all over ME and MA…. The first trip we made was to Ikea though hahah! We were finally able to buy the furniture we needed for our bedroom and laundry room!

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