DIY Fake Wedding Cake


We played a big trick on our wedding guest haha. Our wedding cake was fake! It was a home made dummy cake! πŸ™‚ Our caterer included a layer cake into our dinner package. So we decided to make the affordable “wedding cake” of our dreams. For picture’s sake of course. My mother and I had been researching this for months. Watching numerous youtube videos and having mini anxiety attacks about attempting this. We are both artists and recreating things doesn’t usually scare us… but this was a little different. We would be using almost 100% bakers materials. We are not cake bakers by any means. BUT! Together we fear nothing.

I hope this DIY post helps all you other fellow DIY brides out there! πŸ™‚ Here is a how to do from a girl who is just like you lol.

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What you will need:

  • Styrofoam rounds of your desired size. We found ours at Michaels crafts.
  • White (or whatever color you would like) fondant boxes. We found ours at Michaels crafts. Remember.. no one is eating this.. so don’t buy something too expensive. Be sure to get as much as you think is necessary. We used 2 boxes for my 3 tier cake.
  • Powdered sugar
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Fondant. We found ours at Michaels
  • Metallic Cake base. We found ours at Michaels crafts.
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Crisco
  • Fondant smoother (if you so choose)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Double sided scotch tape
  • White electrical tape
  • Carpet tape
  • Rolling Pin
  • Decorative flowers, ribbons, and cake topper of your choice.
  • Pearl headed pinsΒ (they should look just like this.)



1.Line the edge of your cake base with white electrical tape. I know its not beautiful but don’t worry we will be covering it with ribbon later.

2. Center your bottom cake round on your cake base. Once you think you have it centered. Take your pencil and draw around the cake round.

3. Now that you have your circle drawn. place 2 pieces of carpet tape in the center of the cirlce. in an “X”. Line your styrofoam cake round up with the circle you drew. BE SURE you have it exactly where you want it because there is no re-doing this step. The carpet tape will ripe everything up. Once you have it centered press down the cake round onto the tape.

4. Smear a good layer of crisco over your styrofoam cake round. It should be shiny. This will help the fondant adhere to the styrofoam. This is an important step that you should not skip. Do not put too much.

5. Now you will be rolling out your fondant. Before you roll you will need to do a little math. Take the top of your cake in inches + the sides of your cake in inches + the distance from your cake to the edge of your cake board base. We will be covering the base with white fondant as well. In my case it was 10in+8in+6in= 24in.MeaningΒ that we must roll our fondant out to 24in wide from all sides. We added an extra 2in for wiggle room. Making it 28in total. Now you must prep your rolling station with powdered sugar. This will keep the fondant from sticking to your surface.

6. Roll out your fondant with a rolling pin to the exact size that you determined from step#5. In our case we had to roll ours out to 28in from all sides. We then draped the fondant over our cake round and base.

7. Start from the top and begin smoothing your fondant down with your hands. You can get a fondant smoother, we had forgetten to get one. If you use your hands like we did, be sure not to press down too hard on anything because you will leave obvious finger prints.

8. We used a pizza cutter to remove the excess fondant from the base. DO NOT re use the fondant you remove from the edge. After we pizza rolled the larger pieces off we used a small sharp knife to clean the edge off further.


9. Repeat steps 4-8 for the next two tiers. Minus the cake board of course. We were able to finish ours on our rolling surface. Again, don’t forget, no one is eating this so there is no reason to be sanitary about its construction.


10. Now take your second tier and center it on top of your first. Poke 4 Skewers in the top and hammer them down all the way through into the cake board. They should be hammered down all the way so they are not visable at the top. If you think your skewers are going to be too long, measure and trim them before hammering them in. This step keeps the 2 bottom tiers secured firmly to the base.

11. now place your final top tier in the center. Hammer 2 skewers through this one down into the second tier. It is ok if they don’t reach the cake board but BE SURE not to hammer them into your previously placed skewers. Keep track of where you last hammered. Yayyy! Your blank cake is offically built and ready for decoration!! Feel free to decorate it however you want at this point. I do suggest putting white ribbon around the edge of your cake board with double sided tape. It will give it a more polished look.


12. I decided to place the cake topper first to help inspire the rest of the cake. This angle also give you a good view of the top 2 hammered in skewers.


13. I want to do gold leafing on my cake. Since no one would be eating my cake I did not have to purchase edible gold leaf. If you ever gold leaf a real cake NEVER use the immitation gold. I found my immitation gold at michaels. Get a medium sized paint brush and a cup of water. when you wet fondant with water it becomes tacky and acts like a glue. So I would paint the water on the places I wanted the gold to stick. Then lay the sheets of gold over the water. Brushing down the fly aways with a wet brush.


This is my finished work! I had a lot of fun decorting the cake. Honestly decorating was the best part. I used the pearl headed pins to secure all of the flower and ribbon around the cake! I hope that this DIY post helps some of you out there!! πŸ™‚ It was really worth doing. Not only did we save money, we also made the cake of our dreams. Enjoy ❀

Click the follow button, on your right, to see what happens next xoxo. -Kate

Twitter: @katieruiz94 | Instagram: katieruiz94

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