Dark, Cold, Winter Hibernation


New Hampshire will always be my home and my heart… But one thing I will never get used to is the cold and dark winters. The warm summers always make you forget how hard it is to survive during the brutal winter. When you leave for work in the morning it is dark, and when you leave to go home in the afternoon it is dark. Edward and I have been taking our vitamin D capsules don’t worry hahah.

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The First Snow Fall


New Hampshire had its first snow fall on Thanksgiving….. My grandmother’s house was so warm and alive this Thanksgiving. There isn’t going to be much family in that house after this year ends… With Bethany’s parents moving to the Midwest… we are left rather bare in the old Ruiz house. It’s going to be strange with so much family gone from the East Coast. Thank God I have Edward 🙂 I know that as long as I have him… I will never be alone or without a family.

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