Dark, Cold, Winter Hibernation


New Hampshire will always be my home and my heart… But one thing I will never get used to is the cold and dark winters. The warm summers always make you forget how hard it is to survive during the brutal winter. When you leave for work in the morning it is dark, and when you leave to go home in the afternoon it is dark. Edward and I have been taking our vitamin D capsules don’t worry hahah.

It is really easy to find yourself getting into a routine that revolves around eating, sleeping, and hiding under warm covers. We call it our Hibernation months. I really need to get myself going on some more projects! I plan on getting a sewing machine in the coming months and giving clothing restoration a try. I also know how much you guys LOVED the 70 day hand lettering challenge, I tried to complete. It was unfortunately cut short by my job loss. I do plan to start that up again for you. 🙂

Here is a link to the original 70 day challenge if you don’t know what it is


I am also thinking of starting some kind of winter book group on here? Is that something you guys would be interested in? I know I would benefit from reading more in my life haha.

Stay warm out there, wherever you live. 🙂 As for us we will keep cranking the crockpot, pulling up our knee socks, and cuddling up for bed at 8pm hahah.

Here is a bonus photo of our Christmas Tree! Yayyy! hahah

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