Husband Tag


I really want to mix it up today and bring my sweet, handsome, amazing husband onto the blog! 🙂 You guys deserve to know even more about him. So we decided to participate in the Husband Tag!! Here are 38 questions I asked Mr Rivera. Please excuse the curse words hahah. I didn’t want to censor him. I love him for his craziness. 🙂 Enjoy!

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New Year – New Things


It’s like 10pm and I decided I just really needed to talk to you all. I feel like you are a secret friend I can confide in. Something…. life changing has recently happened to Edward and I. Normally I would tell you guys what happened.. but I really will need some time to talk about it. It was something very very sad for us. But, we have come out of the situation stronger then EVER before. We really didn’t know we could love each other even more then we already do… I promise I will tell you guys sometime.. Just not for a long while. We need time to heal. Turns out becoming Rivera would really change everything hahah. It really is an exciting time of changes. Both good changes and bad changes.

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