Husband Tag


I really want to mix it up today and bring my sweet, handsome, amazing husband onto the blog! ūüôā You guys deserve to know even more about him. So we decided to participate in the Husband Tag!! Here are 38 questions I asked Mr Rivera. Please excuse the curse words hahah. I didn’t want to censor him. I love him for his craziness. ūüôā Enjoy!

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  1. What was your first impression of me? You were interesting looking.
  2. How and where was our first date? We went and got mac and cheese at Panera and you stared at me the whole time haha.
  3. Where was our first kiss and how was it? It was at the airport. A lady told us to keep it moving and get out of the way. But we kept kissing. The kiss was a relief. It finally happened.
  4. When did you meet my family? It was in the morning and on my first visit to NH.
  5. How did you know I was the One? Basically, I could be myself around you and you laugh at all my dumb jokes.
  6. When and why did you fall in with love me?¬†It was immediately. Remember I told you I was going to marry you and you just didn’t know it yet. After our first conversation I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.
  7. How long have we been together? Relationship & marriage.¬†It’s beennnn 6 years and one month.
  8. How do you resolve problems? Communication. You have to talk about it. You have to listen to the other person.
  9. What do you do for a living and are you using your college degree? I am a commercial HVAC refrigeration technician and a business owner. Yes, I am using my college degree.
  10. Where do you see us in 5 years? At least one kid, a bigger house, and running the business full time.
  11. What key elements make a successful relationship & marriage? Trust, communication, empathy, 100% commitment from each other, and laughter.
  12. What do you love about me? That you are kind hearted, and you are strong minded.
  13. How do you keep a relationship healthy in life? Never forget what made you fall in love with each other and constantly reminding each other of those things. Flirt with each other like you are still in high school.
  14. Places you want to travel? I want to go to hawaii, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and the whole of the US.
  15. Children? How many do you want? 4 children. I want a squad.
  16. What is your¬†favorite color?¬†Maroon for clothes. But anything else I don’t really have a favorite color for. Whatever excites my eyes haha.
  17. What is my favorite food? Chicken Parmesan, or crunchy french fries to be specific.
  18. What is my favorite TV show?¬†Right now it’s Midsomer Murders on Netflix… It always seems to change.
  19. What is your favorite TV show? Homeland right now. My favorite TV show of all time though is Breaking Bad.
  20. What food do I not like? Fish. Salmon.
  21. What is your favorite type of sandwich? Steak and cheese.
  22. If I could eat one thing everyday what would it be?¬†I mean… you killed a whole box CheezeIt’s… like really fast hahah so like…. classic CheezeIt’s.
  23. What is my eye color? Brown. Dark roasted brown.
  24. Who is my best friend? Lena Kyle.
  25. Who is your best friend? Eddie Cruz.
  26. What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t? You over generalize things.
  27. What is my heritage and where am I from? You are Dominican and Scottish and you are from NH, United States of America.
  28. Did I play any sports? Fuckkk… Probably… you probably played “tag” or “red rover, red rover”….. Maybe threw a snow ball a couple of times haha.
  29. If you baked me a cake what kind would I like? Plain cake with frosting.
  30. What is one unique talent I have? Artistic in various mediums.
  31. Weird habits of each other?¬†“Yeah you clip your toe nails on the deck”-Katie. “I know one for you… You.. You creepily laugh in the middle of the night haha”-Edward.
  32. Where are you from? I am from Phoenix Arizona… The best coast.
  33. Where did you go to high school? Thunderbird High school.
  34. What do we argue about the most? “We argue about food, and names of kitchen utensils. Remember we argued about the cauldron… what is it??”-Edward “a colander?”-Katie … “yeah the strainer thing.”-Edward
  35. What is my favorite restaurant? Favorite restaurant… wtfff.. Dos Amigos.
  36. What can I spend hours doing? Watching Netflix or sleeping or both.
  37. Who was the one to say I love you first? And where was it? It was you. And it was on the phone.
  38. What is your most repeated phrase or sentence? “That’s Ridiculous, Balls Deep, Fuuuuckkk, That’s Death.


Click the follow button, on your right, to see what happens next xoxo. -Kate

Twitter: @katieruiz94 | Instagram: katieruiz94



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