New Year – New Things


It’s like 10pm and I decided I just really needed to talk to you all. I feel like you are a secret friend I can confide in. Something…. life changing has recently happened to Edward and I. Normally I would tell you guys what happened.. but I really will need some time to talk about it. It was something very very sad for us. But, we have come out of the situation stronger then EVER before. We really didn’t know we could love each other even more then we already do… I promise I will tell you guys sometime.. Just not for a long while. We need time to heal. Turns out becoming Rivera would really change everything hahah. It really is an exciting time of changes. Both good changes and bad changes.


I am thinking of doing a house tour for you guys.. is that something you would like? I know I am a pretty nosy girl, myself, hahah I love seeing the inside of peoples homes. There is something so intimate and unique about every home you see. 🙂 So, I think that is something I will do for you all.

Being cooped up for winter is so hard for me. I am literally day dreaming about hiking haha. I miss the wild adventures of summer so much. I can’t wait to take you guys with me on all the adventures. Maybe this year we will find some really cool new paths and hidden gems. I know I would love to stay in a spooky old New Hampshire bed and breakfast, somewhere up north, for a weekend or something hahah.

ALSO… I am the worst… I literally have been doing DIY and not sharing it with you guys! 😦 !! I know…. I suck hahah… the reason for not writing as frequently is because our tv computer broke, and Edward hijacked my laptop to watch movies on all the time. I know… excuses excuses… 😉

Here are some photos of what I have been working on (DIY cafe curtains & a DIY large shopping tote). I will have to make you guys some new DIY posts. My husband’s best friend bought me a sewing machine for a be-lated wedding present. It is amazzzzzinggg! I have so many things I want to make so stay tuned for some pretty fun projects.

I love you guys so much! My dear sweet old friends.

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