Hey guys….

Remember I said that Edward and I had gone through something extremely difficult weeks ago? Well… I still am not ready to talk about it openly yet. Let me just say… we created something between us made from love.. and It left this earth.. I will let you use your reasonable thinking to figure out what that means. I would like to do a more in depth blog post on this topic in the future because I feel like there are SO many women out there going through this alone. I want to use our experience to comfort someone else going through that terrible time in their life.

I am sorry that I am not yet ready to say what happened to me openly. I know some friends and family have found this blog…. and I sincerely BEG you not to talk to me about this in person… don’t bring it up.. do not speak to me about it. I am not ready. I never will be. This was one of the hardest experiences we have ever had to deal with. Time is allowing me the space to learn from the situation. I know I will never be “over” this. My life.. our life is forever changed. Friends and family just hug me tighter, love me harder, and know that I am a person growing and being changed by the experiences God gives me.

But this post is not all sadness!! 🙂 Today …. the sun rose. There is nothing warmer then the sunrise. It’s a promise that the winter will end and the spring will begin again. Edward and I have begun to eat Ketogenic! Which basically means we do not eat breads/sugars but we are eating more fats. I have begun to lose weight and I am feeling so much better about myself today. All I can think about are the mountains!! I literally dream about them. I miss the hills and trees so much. I can’t wait to go hiking this spring. We are so over being couped up inside the house haha.

We are feeling so optimistic… truly we are feeling so much better. 🙂 We have our good days and our bad. But we have not lost our love or our lust for this beautiful life. I have faith in the path God has laid down for us! 🙂

Love you BR family ❤

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