Looking Backwards 


Do you ever find yourself looking to your past for comfort… too often? Recently, I have caught myself reminiscing about my high school days A LOT. I have many happy memories from that time. Life was so easy to be young and careless! Just driving around, in an old crappy car, blasting music with my friends at the beach. It was like we lived in a cheesy teenage movie. Too often I forget all the hard things I endured during that time. It is easy to romanticize the past….

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Monday Morning


Good morning Babes! 🙂

Today, at work, we are having visitors from Japan so we had to “dress up.” My company is owned by another company, in Japan, and I guess we want them to think we are fancy AF every day or something? haha, I dunno.. I just do what they tell me to do. Work is too much these days. I spend seemingly every waking moment here. 😦 No time for fun spontaneous BR-DIY’s… It’s been like a REALLY hard winter… as you all know. Work has only made things more stressful. But after a pep talk from my hubs, best friend, and mother. I really feel like I know what to do to plan out these next few months of my life.

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