The Update

So, here we are December 7, 2017 and I have so much to update you guys on! I am currently (as of today) 30 weeks pregnant with our daughter Elizabeth. I’m also a stay at home wife/freelancer, Edward and my brother are running an electrical business, I became an aunt, and I have grown SO MUCH since we last spoke!

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Why I Was Gone…


BR family! Hello, it’s me… *cue Adele* sorry I know that’s an old reference at this point Hahahah. But then again it’s been a really long time since we spoke. Honeslty, after everything that happened in January, I was not ready to come back to this platform for a long time. Edward and I have gone through a lot of really intense things since we all last spoke!!! And I have every intention on filling you in on what’s happened.
Don’t worry – we are all in good health. 😊 and still very much in love. I am however 21 weeks pregnant!!! I was very afraid to talk about this publicly. My baby’s health has been my #1 concern since we found out in May of 2017.

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Looking Backwards 


Do you ever find yourself looking to your past for comfort… too often? Recently, I have caught myself reminiscing about my high school days A LOT. I have many happy memories from that time. Life was so easy to be young and careless! Just driving around, in an old crappy car, blasting music with my friends at the beach. It was like we lived in a cheesy teenage movie. Too often I forget all the hard things I endured during that time. It is easy to romanticize the past….

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Monday Morning


Good morning Babes! 🙂

Today, at work, we are having visitors from Japan so we had to “dress up.” My company is owned by another company, in Japan, and I guess we want them to think we are fancy AF every day or something? haha, I dunno.. I just do what they tell me to do. Work is too much these days. I spend seemingly every waking moment here. 😦 No time for fun spontaneous BR-DIY’s… It’s been like a REALLY hard winter… as you all know. Work has only made things more stressful. But after a pep talk from my hubs, best friend, and mother. I really feel like I know what to do to plan out these next few months of my life.

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Hey guys….

Remember I said that Edward and I had gone through something extremely difficult weeks ago? Well… I still am not ready to talk about it openly yet. Let me just say… we created something between us made from love.. and It left this earth.. I will let you use your reasonable thinking to figure out what that means. I would like to do a more in depth blog post on this topic in the future because I feel like there are SO many women out there going through this alone. I want to use our experience to comfort someone else going through that terrible time in their life.

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Husband Tag


I really want to mix it up today and bring my sweet, handsome, amazing husband onto the blog! 🙂 You guys deserve to know even more about him. So we decided to participate in the Husband Tag!! Here are 38 questions I asked Mr Rivera. Please excuse the curse words hahah. I didn’t want to censor him. I love him for his craziness. 🙂 Enjoy!

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New Year – New Things


It’s like 10pm and I decided I just really needed to talk to you all. I feel like you are a secret friend I can confide in. Something…. life changing has recently happened to Edward and I. Normally I would tell you guys what happened.. but I really will need some time to talk about it. It was something very very sad for us. But, we have come out of the situation stronger then EVER before. We really didn’t know we could love each other even more then we already do… I promise I will tell you guys sometime.. Just not for a long while. We need time to heal. Turns out becoming Rivera would really change everything hahah. It really is an exciting time of changes. Both good changes and bad changes.

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Dark, Cold, Winter Hibernation


New Hampshire will always be my home and my heart… But one thing I will never get used to is the cold and dark winters. The warm summers always make you forget how hard it is to survive during the brutal winter. When you leave for work in the morning it is dark, and when you leave to go home in the afternoon it is dark. Edward and I have been taking our vitamin D capsules don’t worry hahah.

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The First Snow Fall


New Hampshire had its first snow fall on Thanksgiving….. My grandmother’s house was so warm and alive this Thanksgiving. There isn’t going to be much family in that house after this year ends… With Bethany’s parents moving to the Midwest… we are left rather bare in the old Ruiz house. It’s going to be strange with so much family gone from the East Coast. Thank God I have Edward 🙂 I know that as long as I have him… I will never be alone or without a family.

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DIY Fake Wedding Cake


We played a big trick on our wedding guest haha. Our wedding cake was fake! It was a home made dummy cake! 🙂 Our caterer included a layer cake into our dinner package. So we decided to make the affordable “wedding cake” of our dreams. For picture’s sake of course. My mother and I had been researching this for months. Watching numerous youtube videos and having mini anxiety attacks about attempting this. We are both artists and recreating things doesn’t usually scare us… but this was a little different. We would be using almost 100% bakers materials. We are not cake bakers by any means. BUT! Together we fear nothing.

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